Contributions to FEAA help promote and encourage the concepts of folk and popular education (within the context of the larger fields of adult education and lifelong learning), espoused by educators for over 150 years. This concept is exemplified in folk schools, Elderhostel programs, and adult learning centers and seeded in the educational philosophy of such thinkers as the Danish bishop and poet N.F.S. Grundtvig, John Dewey, Paulo Freire, Myles Horton and more. If you are inspired by and want to encourage this educational approach, please contribute to FEAA’s efforts in promoting and connecting the growing folk school network in America.

Monetary Contribution Levels for FEAA



  • Journey Starter {$15 or more} ~ You’ll be helping us gather the extensive information about the expanding network of folk schools in North America!
  • Seed Planter {$50 or more} ~ You’ll be helping fund our support in helping folk schools get established!
  • Life Long Learner {$100 or more} ~ You’ll be helping our outreach through advertisements, scholarly research, on-line contacts and more because you are already a folk school believer in “life-long learning”!
  • Student benefactor {$150 or more} ~ You’ll be helping to create scholarships to fund persons normally unable to afford to attend a folk school class!
  • Visionary {$500 or more} ~ You’ll be helping FEAA establish a national folk school conference  and will receive a signed copy of the book Lifted by the Heart by Chris Spicer and our eternal gratitude besides!