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Mountain Dulcimer Lessons & Loaners

a  Mason County Old Growth Mountain Dulcimer Club Project

There are many well documented benefits to mind and body from learning to play a musical instrument. These include lowering stress, increasing cognitive abilities, teaching perseverance and patience, using almost every part of the brain, fostering music appreciation, increasing memory, strengthening the immune system and more. The mountain dulcimer is relatively easy to learn, especially when learning with others as at the Old Growth Mountain Dulcimer Club.  The Club’s website describes well who we are and what we do. “We are a loosely organized group of folks who live in Western Washington state and like mountain dulcimers. Mountain dulcimers are the potato chips of the musical world. It's easy to start and hard to stop.”

The Lessons & Loaner project provided two local made loaner dulcimers for folks exploring the “Old Growth Mountain Dulcimer Club” gatherings and who are interested in learning more about the mountain dulcimer.  Loaners help new learners decide whether they are ready to commit to buying one for themselves.   Also, through the project club member and instructor, Dean Robinson, recorded and produced six dulcimer lessons, now available online.

Dulcimer Lessons Online

Dean Robinson recording and producing six mountain dulcimer lessons.  These are now available online

Dulcimer Playing Together

Stephen Middleton and Dean Robinson, members and instructors for the Old Growth Mountain Dulcimer Club

Connect Family through Music

Member of Old Growth Mountain Dulcimer Club, Shelley Spalding, playing dulcimer with her grandson, Micah, who has a dulcimer made from a cigar box

Local Craftsperson Makes Dulcimers

Ron Kunkle, a local Mason County-based fine wood worker, built two dulcimers for the club to provide as loaners. Ron comes from a long line of woodworkers and makes beautiful, functional

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